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A collection of a few mods to improve QOL (Quality of Life)

By Alex
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BepInEx pack for Chrono Ark (64 bit). Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.21



A collection of a few mods to improve QOL (Quality of Life), with no/minimal changes to actual gameplay.

1. Better Uncurse

Uncurse skill in battle has two options - use the scroll to uncurse or exclude the skill. Make things better like Azar's passive and Ilya's Sheathe mechanism. Also fix the bug that selection skills (eg. Selena's Healing Moonlight) cannot trigger skill extended effect like Azar's Illusion Sword buff.

2. Fix Vault of Time

Event: Vault of Time will save the item to your next investigation regardless you win or lose.

3. Show Vending Machine

Show vending machine and hidden door (for crimson wilderness entry) in map view (marked as regular event/teleport node).

4. Trial of Strength Show Damage

Trial of strength will show damage dealt in real time and the target damage for 3 different rewards.

5. Last Boss Better Lucy Card

During the last boss fight, every turn you can select to or not to draw the Lucy card created by the boss. Make it less likely to exceed hand limit of 10 cards, and make things better like Ilya's Sheathe mechanism.