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A dependency that make others mod can modify gdata.json

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_Chrono_Ark-5.4.21 icon

BepInEx pack for Chrono Ark (64 bit). Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.21



As a dependency that make others mod can modify gdata.json

How to use?

If you are a player, put the ArkLib.dll in plugins folder (should be Chrono Ark\x64\Master\BepInEx\plugins) , other mods using this mod will contain an ArkLib folder, put it in plugins folder and replace it.

If you are a modder:

  1. Create a folder like this:

    • YourMod.dll

    • arklib_config.json

      the json like this:

        "Modname": "Yourmodname",
        "UseArkLib": true

    Put ArkLib.dll and ArklibAPI.dll in plugins folder Then start the game once

  2. You can find the folder like that:

    • Yourmodname-ArkLib
    • YourMod.dll
    • arklib_config.json

    and the Yourmodname-ArkLib like that:

    • Additions
    • Replacements
    • Statchange
  3. If you want to add new json to gdata.json, create a new json file in "Additions" folder, the format of the json file should be like that:

{		//start
    "B_Sample": {
        "_gdeType_Debuff": "Bool",
        "Debuff": false,
        "_gdeType_Name": "String",
        //depends on what you want to add, refer to game original gdata.json
        //the path of the gdata.json is 
        //Chrono Ark\ChronoArk_Data\StreamingAssets\gdata.json
    "S_Sample2": {
        //depends on what you want to add, refer to game original gdata.json
}		//end

The file name of this json file can be any, but internal json must be correct.

  1. If you want to replace a json which in gdata.json, put new json file in "Replacements" folder This function is not recommended unless there are special requirements.

  2. If your mod have "StatChange.txt", put it in Statchange folder About StatChange.txt, check Chrono Ark\ChronoArk_Data\StreamingAssets\Mod

  3. When edit is completed, open arklib_config.json, change "UseArkLib" to true to enable modify gdata function

  4. When the mod needs to be released, it should be that:

    • Yourmodname-ArkLib
      • Additions
      • Replacements
      • Statchange
    • YourMod.dll
    • arklib_config.json (correct format)
    • icon.png
    • manifest.json

    Make sure run the game once before upload.

  5. To ensure the correct dependency of mod, you can add [BepInDependency("com.DRainw.ChArkMod.ArkLib")] in your mod.dll, it is not necessary to reference ArkLib.dll in project reference.


2.2.0: Support 1.9999 version

2.1.3: bugs fixes

2.1.2: fix a bug that ArkLib could not detect changes in the mod list

2.0.0: Rewrite the folder structs

1.1.2: Bugs fixed

Manual install instructions
Manual install is the only option for 32-bit version