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JaredsRebalance Characters

Overhauls characters' skills and stats

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BepInEx pack for Chrono Ark (64 bit). Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.21


Characters rebalance

original idea and planning by FantasyJared

The biggest part of the rebalance mod.
Just kindly read the changelist, please. Or look at the Encyclopedia.
Note that most of the shared skills got quite a bit stronger.

Thanks to windypanda1 for implementing Azar and Johan!

Full list of changes (nearly 100% accurate)
Community Discord Don't hesitate to ask for support!

Manual install instructions
Manual install is the only option for 32-bit version


1.0.1: Fixed a bug where this mod wouldn't work without SwiftnessRework

1.0.2: Made mod compatible with ArkLib (and any mods which depend on it)