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Increase number of cursed battles per stage

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BepInEx pack for Chrono Ark (64 bit). Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.21


More Cursed Battles

Increases number of cursed battles per stage. By default, gold rewards are decreased and lifting scrolls added at the start of the run.

Plenty of customization options check org.neo.chronoark.runmutators.morecursedbattles.cfg file. Most notably:
exclusive_curse_miniBosses_in_Crimson_Wilderness: guarantees that minibosses will be cursed in Crimson Wilderness.
limited_uncurse_mode_enabled: lifting scrolls can no longer uncurse enemies mid-battle. Instead, you get a limited amount of curse lifting items at the start of the run.

To be fair, ExpertPlusMod pretty much does everything this mod does and more except for the two option outlined above.

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