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Planetside Of Gunymede PreRelease

The Planetside Of Gunymede mod, for Bepinex. Pre release version, be warned!

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Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.5.1


Planetside Of Gunymede (Pre-Release)

Planetside Of Gunymede is a large expansion mod that aims to expand on multiple aspects of the game, expanding out aspects such as new enemies, minibosses, bosses and new mechanics.

The mod, as of now, includes:

  • -104 new items and guns, many with their own synergies and some with their own special unlock conditions
  • -19 new enemies, with their own Ammonomicon entries
  • -3 new minibosses
  • -4 new bosses
  • -350+ new rooms, including chest rooms and secret rooms
  • -7 new room objects, ranging from simply decorative to traps
  • -5 new shrines
  • -6 new debuffs
  • -4 new NPCs to trade with, some with more peculiar intent or appearances.
  • -2 new challenge mode challenges
  • -Ouroborous mode, toggleable in the Breach, a mode that gets progressively more challenging the more times you beat it
  • -3 new Mastery rewards for the alternate floors
  • -4 special Bullet Hell shrines that reward riskier play
  • -Multiple new unlocks
  • -Basegame weapon tweaks, to make them a bit more viable
  • -A Heart item rework, which gives thematic unique effects to each "Heart" item
  • -Many more things, with MORE to come!

Note that this mod is still in development, so feedback and bug reports are very much welcome!

1.3.94: -A certain shop can now not be robbed via grappling hook

1.3.93: -Fixed a special item proccing its pickup effect every time it was picked up -Changed how Heat Stroke works -Altered sprites of a few debuff icons -touched up sprites of Frailty Ammolet and Rounds

1.3.92: fixed an issue where certain special rooms stopped showing up. God damnit.

1.3.91:-Some more very minor load time optimizations -Hopefully fixed rare, harmless error caused by Hell Curses -Tweaked Petrification Hell Curse -Slightly tweaked Resistant Elites and Stone Eyes Elites -Slightly tweaked portal spawn rates and conditions -Tweaked Time Trader spawn conditions -Fixed error that would happen with T4-GTR when loading onto a new floor

1.3.90: -Hopefully fixed an error that would occasionally appear from Petrifiers projectiles -Tweaked Annihi-Chambers attacks a bit more, Annihi-Chamber now has a shadow -Hopefully prevented a harmless error related to certain text objects -Gunslingers Ring now has an effect while holding a weapon of Gun Class ICE -Fixed Gunslingers Ring increasing the amount of time it takes to charge a charge gun -HM Prime now has a slightly updated spawn condition (can only spawn once Dragun has been defeated on a save file) -Tweaked Ouroboros win/death screen decals to fit better -Properly fixed a special note to display its text -Tweaked some sound effects volume -Tweaked ?????? attacks -Tweaked some VFX on ???-????? attacks -Some optimization i think -Containment Shrine will no longer appear in the Forge -Tweaked ??? ????? spawn chances

1.3.82: Fixed All Stats Up increasing the amount of time it takes for charge weapons to charge. -Hopefully fixed issue where Frost And Gunfire enemies would become Infected outside of Mixed floors after visiting a Mixed Floor -Hopefully fixed more Infected enemy related errors -Barretinas recieved a new attack

1.3.81: Fixed a harmless error that would occasionally happen when an enemy spawned on Ouroboros mode: -Slightly expanded the orbiting skull shield enemy blacklist. -Some slight Elite changes: -Healing Elites now have less HP, but now have their healing bubble heal slightly faster and have slightly more reduced cooldowns. -Cursed Elites now enrage at when 83% of their health is depleted, turning them Jammed (or Umbral is already Jammed), but now have less base HP. -Reflective Elites now have a slightly longer cooldown on their bursts. -Stone Eye Elites now have a slightly increased cooldown between Stone Eye effects.

1.3.8: Fixed Arm Warmer having no shoot sounds. -Tweaked some perks: -Corrupted Wealths Corrupted Ammo has a slightly more stricter ammo penalty. -Chaotic Shifts damage multiplier has been reduced from 0.5625 -> 0.525, and now gives a very small max ammo penalty. -All Stats Ups stat ups have been very slightly reduced. -Contractual Obligations summon has been changed visually, should now no longer try to hug enemies and now wields a thompson. -Gunslinger now comes with a "magazine dump" effect, where the player can dump a clips worth of ammo in their currently held gun. This only works when reloading on a full clip. -Slightly altered enemy ammonomicon setup to be more optimized. -Playing on Ouroboros mode now adds special visual decoration to the death/win screen book, along with the current loop. -The Something Wicked events darkness has been put under control. Someone said it doesnt work for them but I genuinely do not know what could cause that.

1.3.71: Fixed Payday items from having their 9999 price overwritten if they were not unlocked. (They can only be unlocked by stealing and buying them in this state wouldn't unlock them.) -Made the Ouroborous Shrine only appear once the Lich has been defeated on a file once (I hope).

1.3.7: Buffed HM Auto-Cannon by giving it explosive shells, but reducing its projectile damage. -Fodder have been given a slight glow on death. -A failsafe item has been buffed.

-Did some changes to Ouroborous mode: -Chaotic Elites will avoid telefragging you, have an increased teleport cooldown and are very shortly stunned after teleporting. -Removed a special elite type that did absolutely nothing. -Tweaked the chances of special elites spawning (aka, made them spawn as often as they actually should instead of a value for testing) -Increased the increment at which the amount of orbiting skulls around an enemy increase (So less skulls on higher loops). -Enemies should not get skulls if they're the only enemy in the room.

1.3.0: Patchnotes found here..

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-9-27 1.3.94 2 Version 1.3.94 Install
2022-9-26 1.3.93 43 Version 1.3.93 Install
2022-9-25 1.3.92 55 Version 1.3.92 Install
2022-9-25 1.3.91 9 Version 1.3.91 Install
2022-9-24 1.3.90 72 Version 1.3.90 Install
2022-9-21 1.3.82 102 Version 1.3.82 Install
2022-9-20 1.3.81 40 Version 1.3.81 Install
2022-9-17 1.3.71 104 Version 1.3.71 Install
2022-9-20 1.3.8 3 Version 1.3.8 Install
2022-9-17 1.3.7 37 Version 1.3.7 Install
2022-9-14 1.3.6 82 Version 1.3.6 Install
2022-9-14 1.3.5 27 Version 1.3.5 Install
2022-9-14 1.3.4 54 Version 1.3.4 Install
2022-9-13 1.3.3 29 Version 1.3.3 Install
2022-9-13 1.3.2 15 Version 1.3.2 Install
2022-9-12 1.3.1 33 Version 1.3.1 Install
2022-9-12 1.3.0 23 Version 1.3.0 Install