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Skill randomizer for Chrono Ark

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[505Error Skill Randomizer]

This is Chrono Ark but 505Error taken to the extreme.

Level Up: The effects of 505Error are activated by default. However, the first 3 skills are gone meaning you choose between 3 random skills from all investigators.

Skill Book, Infinite Skill Book: Scrambled to show random Investigator skills.

Golden Skill Book: Shows you random Investigator Rare Skills.

Extra settings

Chaos Mode: Include every existing skill in the game (such as enemy skills and item effects) into the selection pool. Gets silly quickly. (Default OFF)

Healing 101: Gives 2 Healing 101 at the start of the game to help support characters pick up heal skills. (Default OFF)

(Go to BepInEx -> config -> open in Notepad: org.windy.chronoark.cardmod.randomskillmod.cfg)